Solvent dyes are offered in an extensive range of colours which provide excellent results for the colouration of plastics and other applications.

Unisol range of dyes exhibit good clarity and are particularly beneficial for the colouration in transparent plastics and where good light transmission is required. Pastel shades can be produced in combination with opacifiers such as titanium dioxide. For a more dramatic effect the range also includes a selection of fluorescent dyes.

These dyes can also be used for a wide range of applications such as fuel, waxes, polishes etc.



Unisol Yellow HA Solvent Yellow 12
Unisol Orange E Solvent Yellow 14
Unisol Yellow 3R Solvent Yellow 25
Unisol Yellow GS Solvent Yellow 28
Unisol Yellow T Solvent Yellow 33
Unisol Yellow R Solvent Yellow 43
Unisol Yellow 2GN Solvent Yellow 56
Unisol Yellow 2GH Solvent Yellow 72
Unisol Yellow KR Solvent Yellow 82
Unisol Yellow 2GLN Solvent Yellow 88
Unisol Yellow G Solvent Yellow 93
Unisol Yellow 2GK Solvent Yellow 98
Unisol Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 114
Unisol Yellow 8GF Solvent Yellow 145
Unisol Yellow 10GN Solvent Yellow 160:1
Unisol Yellow 6G Solvent Yellow 179
Unisol Yellow 8G Solvent Yellow 185
Unisol Orange 3G Solvent Orange 60
Unisol Orange 2RV Solvent Orange 62
Unisol Orange 2G Solvent Orange 63
Unisol Orange 2R Solvent Orange 86
Unisol Orange R Solvent Orange 105
Unisol Orange RR Solvent Orange 107
Unisol Red GG Solvent Red 1
Unisol Red B Solvent Red 3
Unisol Red 2BR Solvent Red 8
Unisol Scarlet B Solvent Red 14
Unisol Red G Solvent Red 23
Unisol Red 2B Solvent Red 24
Unisol Red O Solvent Red 27
Rhodamine B Base Solvent Red 49
Unisol Red 5B Solvent Red 52
Unisol Red R Solvent Red 111
Unisol Red BE Solvent Red 122
Unisol Red GP Solvent Red 135
Unisol Red FB Solvent Red 146
Unisol Red A2G Solvent Red 179
Unisol Red BS Solvent Red 195
Unisol F/Red B Solvent Red 196
Unisol F/Red G Solvent Red 197
Unisol Red 64843 Solvent Red 229
Unisol Red A Solvent Red A
Unisol Red H Solvent Red H
Methyl Violet Base Solvent Violet 8
Unisol Violet A Solvent Violet 13
Unisol Violet 3B Solvent Violet 59
Unisol Blue BR Solvent Blue 35
Unisol Blue AS Solvent Blue 36
Unisol Blue KR Solvent Blue 45
Unisol Blue GN Solvent Blue 67
Unisol Blue KFL Solvent Blue 70
Unisol Blue 2G Solvent Blue 78
Unisol Blue 2R Solvent Blue 97
Unisol Blue 2B Solvent Blue 104
Unisol Green G Solvent Green 3
Unisol Green Gold O Solvent Green 5
Unisol Pyranine Solvent Green 7
Unisol Green GB Solvent Green 28
Unisol Brown 2RL Solvent Brown 43