Inorganic Pigments are mainly used in plastics, printing inks and paints.

Our Pigment range offers a variety of colours for use in coloured masterbatch. Their good fastness properties support nearly all plastics and processing techniques
Appropriate polymers are

  • Polythene (LDPE and HDPE)
  • Polypropylenes (PP)
  • PVC-Soft
  • Polystyrenes (PS)
  • ABS
  • Polycarbonatees (PC)


Pigment Yellow 42
Pigment Yellow 147
Pigment Yellow HG (PY191:1)
Pigment Red 48:2
Pigment Red 53:1
Pigment Red 57:1
Pigment Red 101
Pigment Red 122
Pigment Red 254
Pigment Violet 23
Pigment Blue 15
Pigment Blue 15:1
Pigment Blue 15:3
Pigment Green 7
Pigment Black 7
Pigment Black 11
Pearlescent Fine Gold