Natural Colours for used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Unicolour’s Natural range of colours are obtained from a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables and minerals and are derived from their raw material origin.  They are available in water soluble, water dispersible and oil soluble forms so that they can easily be adapted into the products they will colour.



Turmeric / Curcumin E100
Riboflavin E101
Lutein E161b
Beta Cartotenes / Carotenoids E160a
Annatto E160b
Paprika E160c
Lycopene E160d
Cochineal / Carmine E120
Beetroot Red E162
Anthocyanin E163
Chlorophyll E140 / E141
Caramel / Malt E150
Carbo Vegetabais E153
Titanimum Dioxide E171
Iron Oxides E172
Colours: Black, Yellow, Red and Brown