Modified Basic dyes are used for dyeing acrylic, paper, wood & dried flowers. Also used for dyeing silk and silk flowers in very brilliant colours.

Unicryl Modified Basic dyes offer a full range of various colours that compliment the different requirements for these applications


Unicryl Yellow 8G Basic Yellow 13
Unicryl Golden Yellow GL Basic Yellow 28
Unicryl Flavine 10G Basic Yellow 40
Unicryl Yellow 8G Basic Yellow 13
Unicryl Brilliant Red 4G Basic Red 14
Unicryl Red GTL Basic Red 18
Unicryl Red GRL Basic Basic Red 46
Unicryl Brilliant Red 2B Basic Violet 16
Unicryl Blue 5G Basic Blue 3
Unicryl Blue GRL Basic Blue 41
Unicryl Blue FGRL Mixture
Unicryl Black OR Mixture

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