Food Colours are synthetic water soluble dyes available in a range of colours to be used on their own or blended together to create various shades of colour.

Unicolour’s Food Colour range are permitted for use in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care applications and are available in powder and granular forms


Quinoline Yellow E104 Food Yellow 13
D & C Yellow No 10 Food Yellow 13
Tartrazine E102 Food Yellow 4
FD & C Yellow No 5 Food Yellow 4
Sunset Yellow E110 Food Yellow 3
FD & C Yellow No 6 Food Yellow 3
Ponceau 4R E124 Food Red 7
Allura Red E129 Food Red 17
FD & C Red No 40 Food Red 17
FD & C Red No 4 Food Red 1
Carmoisine E122 Food Red 3
Erythrosine E127 Food Red 14
D & C Red No 33 Acid Red 33
Amaranth E123 Food Red 9
Indigo Carmine E132 Food Blue 1
Brilliant Blue FCF E133 Food Blue 2
FD & C Blue No 1 Food Blue 2
Patent Blue V E131 Food Blue 5
FD & C Green No 3 Food Green 3
Green S Food Green 4
Black PN E151 Food Black 1