Disperse Transfer Print dyes are pure dyestuffs in powder form and can be used to great effect in heat transfer prints. You can create multiple prints onto synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and mixtures of wool and cotton

Uniprint TPG range of dyes offer a full range of colours suited for the transfer printing process.  Please see the Uniprint shade card under the brochures section with contains details of the range and properties of the individual dyes we are able to offer


Uniprint Yellow G Disperse Yellow 3
Uniprint Yellow 3G Disperse Yellow 54
Uniprint Flavine 8G Disperse Yellow 82
Uniprint Orange R Disperse Orange 25
Uniprint Scarlet B Disperse Red 1
Uniprint Pink RF Disperse Red 4
Unprint Red FB Disperse Red 60
Uniprint Pink 5B Disperse Red 364
Uniprint Rubine 2B Disperse Red 375
Uniprint Violet 3R Disperse Violet 1
Uniprint Violet B Disperse Violet 17
Uniprint Blue FFR Disperse Blue 3
Uniprint Blue 2G Disperse Blue 14
Uniprint Blue 6G Disperse Blue 60
Uniprint Blue 5R Disperse Blue 72
Uniprint Blue 2B Disperse Blue 359
Uniprint Blue 6R Disperse Blue 360
Uniprint Green G Solvent Green 3
Uniprint Brown RL Disperse Brown 27
Uniprint Black 70065 Mixture