Basic dyes are beautiful shiny crystalline compounds whose most outstanding property is brilliance and high intensity in colour but very poor in fastness properties, particularly to light.   Basic Dyes are sensitive to alkali and to liberate colourless dye bases.

Our Basic dyes are mostly served for those non textile applications, extensively for colouring paper, basic dye complex pigments, printing inks, stationary inks and photography


Auramine O Basic Yellow 2
Auramine SA Basic Yellow 37
Chrysoidine Y Basic Orange 2
Rhodamine 6GDN Basic Red 1
Methyl Violet 2B Basic Violet 1
Fuschine Basic Violet 2
Crystal Violet Basic Violet 3
Rhodamine B Extra Basic Violet 10
Basic Pink G Basic Violet 11:1
Magenta Basic Violet 14
Victoria Blue BO Basic Blue 7
Methylene Blue 2B Basic Blue 9
Victoria Blue B Basic Blue 26
Brilliant Green Xtls Basic Green 1
Malachite Green Pdr Basic Green 4
Malachite Green Xtls Basic Green 4
Bismark Brown R Basic Brown 4