Acid dyes are water-soluble dyes that are applied to fibres such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers using neutral to acid dyebaths.

Our Uniacid dyes are have good fastness and are available in a good colour range. Used in textiles, acid dyes are effective on protein fibers, i.e. animal hair fibres like wool, alpaca, mohair and silk. Acid dyes are generally divided into three classes which depend on fastness requirements, level dyeing properties and economy

Equalising/levelling / Milling / Metal complex


  • Household and Toiletries
  • Wood Stains
  • Leather


Uniacid Yellow 2G Acid Yellow 17
Uniacid Yellow 3GX Acid Yellow 29
Uniacid Metanil Yellow Acid Yellow 36
Uniacid Sodium Fluorescein Acid Yellow 73
Uniacid Uranine Acid Yellow 73
Uniacid Fluorescein (Cosmetic Grade) Acid Yellow 73
Uniacid Sodium Fluorescein 40% Liquid Acid Yellow 73
Uniacid Yellow GL Acid Yellow 151
Uniacid Yellow S-2G Acid Yellow 220
Uniacid Yellow 8G Acid Yellow 250
Uniacid Orange II Conc Acid Orange 7
Uniacid Orange G Acid Orange 10
Uniacid Orange GSN Acid Orange 95
Uniacid Red 2G Acid Red 1
Uniacid Rhodamine B Acid Red 52
Uniacid Eosine Y Acid Red 87
Uniacid Red BG Acid Red 114
Uniacid Bordeaux RM Acid Red 194
Uniacid Brilliant Red B Acid Red 249
Uniacid Red C2B Acid Red 266
Uniacid Red SG Acid Red 315
Uniacid Violet S4B Acid Violet 17
Uniacid Magenta Acid Violet 19
Uniacid Brilliant Violet R Acid Violet 43
Uniacid Brilliant Violet BL Acid Violet 48
Uniacid Violet 6B Acid Violet 49
Uniacid Violet 10B Acid Violet 54
Uniacid Bordeaux B Acid Violet 90
Uniacid Blue VF Acid Blue 1
Uniacid Blue FL Acid Blue 9
Uniacid Blue FL WS Liquid Acid Blue 9
Uniacid Blue WN Acid Blue 22
Uniacid Blue GN Acid Blue 25
Uniacid Brilliant Blue 2R Acid Blue 62
Uniacid Blue R Acid Blue 80
Uniacid Ink Blue G Acid Blue 93
Uniacid Blue HRL Acid Blue 182
Uniacid Turquoise Blue 5G Acid Blue 185
Uniacid Blue 3RL Acid Blue 193
Uniacid Green B Acid Green 1
Uniacid Green G Acid Green 25
Uniacid Green GW Acid Green 27
Uniacid Green 3G Acid Green 28
Uniacid Green BS Acid Green 111
Uniacid Brown GR Acid Brown 282
Uniacid Brown S-GL Acid Brown 298
Uniacid Black 10B Acid Black 1
Nigrosine Powder Acid Black 2
Nigrosine Crystals Acid Black 2
Uniacid Black WA Acid Black 52
Uniacid Black BL Acid Black 60